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Sensors for Limble (IoT)
Sensors for Limble (IoT)

Modular IOT Predictive Maintenance Sensors

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Sensors can be a great tool to implement a predictive maintenance plan.

This article covers the steps to setup sensors to work with Limble's software.

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How to Get Sensors for Your Facility

Limble has a partnership with Monnit sensors. To see a list of Monnit's products, click here.

Here's the process:

  1. Purchase the sensors you need from Monnit.

  2. Install your sensors

  3. Contact your Limble representative to request that your Monnit account is connected to your Limble account.

(Note: it isn't necessary to use Monnit sensors. Limble has an API that makes it possible to receive information from most modern IOT devices. To learn more, reach out to our support team or your Limble CSM.)

For more information regarding predictive maintenance, look into our articles on our blog:

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