There are multiple ways to locate Assets in Limble. Watch this video for a short tutorial of Asset Locations and Asset Maps in Limble.

Asset Hierarchy

All of your Assets can be located on the "Assets" tab. The Asset Hierarchy can be used to indicate both Assets and locations. 

For example, the bathrooms are located at the Pro Store. The Pro Store is at the Clubhouse. In your Hierarchy, if you expand both the Clubhouse and the Pro Store, you will find the Bathrooms.

Asset Card

Under the Asset Card, you can list an Assets location using the information fields. This can include an address and GPS coordinates. 

These fields can be linked to a Google Map. When a Technician searches the information in these fields, they will see where the Asset is located. 

Interactive Map

You can create an interactive Map, and upload it onto your Asset Card using the Documents information field. When you click the interactive Map, it will pull up a floor schematic. This schematic will have links to Asset Cards. 

For example, if the User pulls up the interactive Map and clicks on the bathroom, the Bathroom Asset Card will pull up.

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