The Default Work Order Template is helpful if there are set standards or instructions that all Work Orders need to have. Each location can have a different set of default instructions for Work Order Templates.

Setting up Advanced View

Under the "Advanced Settings" tab, click on "Configuration". Under "Configuration" scroll to the "Work Order Settings" section. In this section, look for "Starting a WO's View starts. . .." Change the setting from "Simple" to "Advanced". 

Implementing Advanced View

Under "Manage Work", click on "Start WO".

On the "Setup Work Order" screen, click on the green "Settings". 

Under "Settings" there is the option to change the default starting Work Order Template.

You can add your set instructions under the "Default Work Order Template" screen. All Work Orders will then start with the set instructions. 

The next time you go to start a Work Order, those set instructions will appear.

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