Returning Items Through a PO

How to return items through Limble’s Purchasing System

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If you need to return items to a vendor after receiving them, you can reverse the purchase by creating a new PO in Limble. This article walks you through the reverse purchase process to track your inventory costs accurately.

Step 1: Create a new PO

Go to Purchasing > POs and click/tap on "Add a Purchase Order."

Step 2: Add the items you wish to return

Add the items you wish to return and ensure the PO accurately reflects the quantity going back to your vendor. In the Discount field, set the amount to 200%. The discount creates a negative value, or credit, on the PO.

Step 3: Return the items to your vendor

Follow your normal approval process to approve the PO and notify your vendor of the items you are returning. Once your vendor confirms that they have received the items, receive them on your PO.

Step 4: Manually adjust your item quantity

Even though receiving items on your PO will credit the item cost, the same process adds items to your inventory. Therefore, you will need to adjust your item quantity manually to ensure Limble accurately reflects your physical inventory.

Congratulations! You've successfully returned items using a PO.

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