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A Guide to IPMs
A Guide to IPMs

Premium + and Enterprise Customers Get Exclusive Access to Custom Implementation

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New to Limble? We're so excited to work with you!

If you're on our Premium + or Enterprise plan, the first step of using the Limble software is setting up an IPM, or Implementation Planning Meeting, with your account executive and dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM.)

Your CSM will guide you the whole way through your implementation process and beyond. As a result, we have seen 100% of the customers that follow our implementation process get value from Limble!

This article will answer some questions about what an IPM is, and how to prepare for your IPM.

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What is an IPM?

IPM stands for Implementation Planning Meeting. The IPM is when you meet your Customer Success Manager and start mapping out your custom implementation process. In this meeting, we’ll discuss what problems you want to solve and the goals you want to achieve, and then we’ll create a plan to help you get there.

How do I prepare for my IPM?

You will want to get a few things ready for your IPM. Many of our partners keep a spreadsheet list of the following items:

  • Assets

  • Parts

  • Planned Maintenance Instruction Templates

  • Vendors

If you have any of these records, email them to the Limble team on the IPM invite. Doing this will allow us to be more prepared for the meeting and make more progress.

For extra credit, you can watch this video on getting your assets added to Limble.

Who should be at my IPM?

The industry best practice is to designate a project manager at your company to oversee the Limble implementation. Your project manager should attend every meeting and will become your internal Limble expert. Having a consistent point of contact allows for a great foundation and communication throughout your implementation process.

What happens after my IPM meeting?

We want to see you get the best value out of Limble, as soon as possible. Therefore, the more often you can meet with your CSM through the implementation process, the better! Here is a typical road map for your setup process.

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