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Verifying E-Signatures in Limble (21 CFR Customers Only)

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Limble users on 21 CFR accounts are required to verify their identity when providing a signature for "Capture Signature" and "Request Approval" instruction types.

This verification requirement ensures signatures are authentic.

This article will cover how the e-signature verification works.

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The Verification Process

When a user is assigned to a "Capture Signature" or "Request Approval" instruction, they will be required to enter their username, which is typically their e-mail, and password.

First, the user will enter their signature.

A user may edit their signature by selecting "Clear Signature" and re-signing. Once a user submits their signature, they will no longer be able to make changes.

(Note: users can create a standard signature to autofill in signature instructions within their user profile.)

Once they submit their signature, the user will be taken to a new window and asked to verify their identity using their Limble login credentials:

  • For the first signature of any session, the user will be required to enter their username and password.

  • For every subsequent signature, Limble will auto-populate their username, and the user will only need to enter their password.

If a user logs out and back into the Limble app, this process will repeat.

Once they've entered their credentials, click "Verify."

Once a signature has been submitted, it will include a timestamp of when the verification took place.

The signature will lock and cannot be edited or removed from a task.

Failed Attempts

A user has four attempts to verify their credentials. After the fourth failed attempt, the user will not be logged out of their account, and an email will be sent to the super user on your Limble account.

If a user forgets their login credentials, they can reset their password to avoid being locked out of their account.

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