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Associating Parts with Vendors
Associating Parts with Vendors

Associate Multiple Vendors with a Part, Track Unique Part Prices & Designate Preferred Vendors

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When it comes to purchasing parts, you may buy from more than one vendor depending on availability, pricing, shipping times, and more.

In Limble, you can associate multiple vendors with the same part to keep track of your purchasing and have flexibility in who you're buying from depending on your needs.

You can even designate a preferred vendor to be the default vendor when creating a purchase order (PO) for an understocked part.

This article will teach you how to associate vendors with a part and how to select a preferred vendor.

(Note: conversely, you can create a PO to reorder understocked parts from a single vendor who provides several parts to your company using the order understocked parts function.)

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Associating Multiple Vendors with a Part

If you purchase the same part from more than one vendor, you can associate all of them with the part.

Navigate to the Manage Parts page and click on your desired part.

From the part card, click on the Vendors tab.

Click "Associate Vendors."

In the new window, you'll see a list of any existing associations you may have. To add more, click "Associate Vendors."

Choose your desired vendor(s) and click "Select" to confirm your choice.

(Note: Once you purchase a part from a vendor, that vendor will automatically be associated with a part. You can also associate parts within the vendor card.)

Tracking Unique Part Numbers and Prices

Once a vendor has been associated with a part, you can track the unique part number and price for each vendor.

This allows you to quickly compare rates between vendors.

In the vendors tab of the part card, next to the vendor's name, use the text fields under "Part Number" and "Part Price" to keep track of their unique part number and price.

Selecting a Preferred Vendor

If you have multiple vendors associated with a part, designating a preferred vendor will automatically associate them with purchases for the part.

Click the circle next to the vendor who you want to designate as the preferred vendor.

If you create a PO from the part card by clicking "Add a Purchase Order," the preferred vendor will automatically be associated with the purchase order.

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