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How Custom Tags Work in Limble CMMS

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Custom tags can be used to organize and search specific tasks. This article covers how to add custom tags to tasks, how to create them, and how to enable tags for work requests.

Only super users can create new and make changes to custom tags.

Creating a New Custom Tag

Open the task you want to add a custom tags to. Then click "Add Tags."

Clicking on this will pull up a drop down menu. You can choose from a list of already made tags, or if you're a superuser, create a new one by clicking "Create Tag."

(Note: Only super users can create tags.)

Multiple tags can be selected. The listed tags will appear on the upper left side of the task.

Adding Tags to Work Requests

To add custom tags to work requests, go to the Setup Work Requests page from the navigation menu. Choose your location, and click the "Configuration Edit" icon. 

Scroll down to Advanced Settings. Choosing to show "Tag this request (With a Custom Tag)" will give the user the option to add a tag to the work request.

When a work request is submitted with a tag, it will trigger email notifications and automatically assign the work request a high priority setting. 

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