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View Asset Fields from a Task
View Asset Fields from a Task

How to Add and Edit Asset Information in a Task

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You can include asset fields in tasks to display relevant information without going into the asset card.

If you have the correct permissions, you can also edit field data directly from the task.

This article covers how to add and edit asset fields within a task.

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How to Display an Asset Field in Tasks

Navigate to the Manage Assets page and click on the edit visible columns tool.

Then, scroll down and click the pencil icon next to the desired field.

In the new window, check the box next to "Display Field Information on Tasks."

You cannot pick and choose specific assets or tasks to include a field. If this setting is enabled, the field will always show on tasks.

The field information will now be displayed in a task if it's included in the associated asset. You'll find the field under "Asset Information."

(Note: Currently, anyone assigned to a task, regardless of show/hide field settings will be able to view asset fields on tasks.)

How to Edit an Asset Field in a Task

You can also edit the value of a field while in the task.

To do this, click on the field.

This will take you to the asset card where you can make changes to the field's value.

If any changes are made to the field while the task is open, the field will be updated within any open tasks and the asset card.

Once a task has been completed, the field's value will not continue to update within the task if changes are made.

This is indicated in the completed task state, as the section changes to "Asset Information When Task Was Completed."

If a task is reopened, the field will update to its current value.

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