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How to Add Email Notifications
How to Add Email Notifications

How to Add Extra Email Notifications and Customize Notification Settings

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Additional email notifications can be added to alert you about Tasks in Limble. You can receive emails for overdue PMs, when PMs are started, and when Work Orders are started.

This article will cover how to add additional email notifications and customize your email settings.

Adding Email Notifications

Click on the locations icon. Then click "Manage."

From the new page, select the location where you want to add email notifications.

In the new pop up, scroll down to the Extra Email Notifications header and click "+ Add Email Notification."

This will pull up your email settings for the select location. You can enter who will receive email notifications. If the instructions don't fit your needs, you can click on the blue letters to change your instruction format.

Clicking on the blue "Email" pulls up your email template.

This is the subject line and message you will see when you receive your email. You can modify this template and information to fit the needs of your organization.

Under advanced settings, you have the option of choosing emails to be sent only if the task falls under a specific custom tag and/or priority level and/or status. Find these by clicking the cog icon.

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