Technicians can receive phone alerts when they are assigned various tasks. These alerts are received as Push notifications. Push notifications are an interactive alert that appears on your Phone's home screen. You can tap the notification, and it will direct you to Limble and pull up the specific task in the system. 

  • Note: Push notifications are not text messages.

Turning on Notifications

Under the Users tab, there are setting box options next to each user. If there is a green check next to the bell icon, that User is receiving mobile notifications. To turn off notifications, click on the box. A red "x" should appear.

  • Note: Users will only receive notifications for locations they have assigned roles at. 

Mobile Settings

Additionally, you may need to modify your mobile devices settings to allow notifications. 


On your iPhone, go to your general Settings. Under General Settings, go to Notifications.

Under notifications, scroll until you find the Limble CMMS app. 

Under the Limble App Notifications, check that the Notifications are allowed.

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