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How to Share a Task with a Vendor
How to Share a Task with a Vendor

Share a Task with a Vendor or Others Outside Your Organization

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Limble offers you the ability to share tasks with vendors outside of your organization, even if they don’t have Limble. This allows you to assign work to external contractors while keeping task information and other relevant data within your Limble account.

Learn how to share tasks with vendors or other people outside of your organization.

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Share a Task with a Vendor

You can use Limble’s share feature to share a task externally with a vendor or other people outside of your organization.

Select your desired Location > Manage Work > Open Task. Click on the name of the task and open the work order.

In the upper right corner of a task, you will see a "Share" button. From the dropdown menu, select "Share Task Externally."

Limble programs a default message to send to your vendors. If you’d like to customize the default message, click the “Default” button in the top right corner of the pop-up.

From the new pop-up screen, edit the default message to your liking. Once finished, click “Set.”

(Note: customizing the default email will do so for future emails. If you only want to customize the message for the task you’re currently sharing, you can edit the text directly in the original Share Task pop-up.)

Next, you will need to choose a person or vendor to share the task with. If you’ve already added your vendors to Limble, you can select the "Pick Vendor" button to select a vendor. 

If you do not have any vendors set, you can create a vendor from the pop-up or create a vendor by navigating to your Manage Vendors page.

If you do not have the vendor added to Limble, you can type their email in the field labeled "To:".

(Note: you can add multiple vendors by adding a semicolon then adding a space at the end of each email, for example;_ )

The benefit of having your vendors entered into Limble is that all of their past tasks will be organized and you'll be able to look up their work history. Likewise, you can view which vendors have a task shared with them, edit their info by clicking on the vendor’s name, or delete the vendor from the shared task.

Finish a Task as a Vendor

Once you select the "Share Task" button, the vendor will receive an email with a link to the task.

When they click the link, they will be prompted to enter their email address in a browser page.

A new page will open with the task. Vendors can utilize many of the same task functions as your internal Limble users, including:

  1. Completing instructions

  2. Adding comments

  3. Adding invoices

If the vendor leaves the page, they can save their progress by selecting "Resume Later." They are able to access the task again through the same link.

When the vendor has completed their work, they'll select "Finish" to send the task back to the assigned Limble user. Only Limble users can complete and close out the task.

Complete a Shared Task with a Vendor

Once the vendor/external user finishes the task, the Limble user will be notified to review the work before the task is completed within the system.

From there, you can check the vendor’s work, and review invoices, comments, blockers, etc., before marking the task as complete. This allows you to maintain accurate reporting about task completion and other relevant data.

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