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Verify Location
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The Verify Location instruction can be added to different tasks like work orders, work requests, and PMs.

The verify location instruction is helpful for customers who want additional certainty that the technician is at a specific location before working on a task.

For example, customers who are spread over large geographic areas may want their technicians to verify that they actually went to check on an asset.

Or, those sharing a task with a vendor may require that they "check-in" to ensure that they are actually at the facility completing the work.

This article will teach you how to set up and use this instruction.

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To check if you have maps enabled, you can look on the left-hand side menu bar for Maps.

The asset you use to verify the location must have a location set. To set a location for an asset:

Click "Assets."

Select an asset to open the asset card.

On the info tab, click "Set Map Location."

Click "Add" and then add your location in one of the following ways:

  • Navigate to the location of your asset on the map and click to drop a pin.

  • Use any of the other options on the right-hand side of the map to indicate the asset location.

  • Click My Location to add a pin where you are currently located.

Once the location for an asset is set, you can use the new verify location instruction for that asset.

Adding the Verify Location Instruction to a Task

To add this new instruction type to any task type (PM, WO, work request, etc.):

Click "Edit."

Begin adding the instruction by clicking "Add Instruction."

Select Verify Location and then click "Select."

Add a description to the task in the text box.

Set what you want this instruction to verify the location against:

  • The asset assigned to this task.

    • This is the default setting and ensures that someone is at the asset.

  • This task.

    • For instance, work requests can be submitted with a location that may or may not be at an asset. You can manually set the location of the task.

  • Pre-select asset.

    • Helpful for when you need to verify against multiple assets/locations in a single task.

Now that you’ve added the verify location instruction, you can ensure that technicians/vendors are at the location you need them to be to perform their task.

Verifying Your Location

You can verify where you are in relation to the location of the asset or task by clicking "Check My Location."

This will bring up a map showing your location, the location of the asset/task, and your distance to the asset/task.

(Note: you can hover over the location teardrop to see its name.)

In this example, the technician is far away from the asset, and if they try verifying their location by clicking on the "Verify Location" button, the verification will not work.

If the technician is within 15 feet of the asset/task, the location can be verified, and a timestamp of when they verified their location will be added to the task.

Once the location has been verified they can continue working on the task.

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